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Frequently Asked Questions


What are your scarves made from?

Our scarves are made from 100% viscose. Viscose is a plant-based, lightweight, easy care fabric. 

Our dyes are also water-based. 


How long are your scarves?

We always list the dimensions of our scarves on each individual product page. 

Our sarong/pashminas are approximately 75" x 35"; individual scarf sizes may vary slightly due to dyeing process used. 

Our bandana styles are approximately 34” X 34”. 

Our seasonal styles, including prints and two-tone solids generally vary between 27" x 68" and 44”X 72”.


How do I wear my scarf?

Scarves can be worn just about any way you desire…from elegantly draped around the neck to worn as a sarong to a vest or shawl.

The easiest—and most effortlessly cool—way to wear our scarves is to drape the scarf around your neck, cross the scarf either in front of you or behind you and bring both ends back around to the front. Adjust as desired and look gorgeous!


How do I wash my scarf?

We recommend hand washing, always, using a very mild detergent, such as Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lemon Verbena. Lay your scarf flat to dry; the material will dry quickly.

In case of color transfers, wash scarf and dry as instructed. Iron your scarf on the highest setting to “fix” the color.


Will you ever offer different prints?

We are always introducing new collections, with seasonal prints. Be sure to join our email list on our home page to keep up with all things NOMA (including our fantastic sales!)


Don’t pashminas have to be made from cashmere?

Traditionally, pashminas were made from wool or wool blends, but they can be made from any fabric, as long as the weave is made according to the style’s exacting standards. 

We make our pashminas from viscose to ensure that everyone can wear them. Many women have allergies or ethical objections to the use of animal products; viscose is plant-based and holds its shape beautifully, wear after wear.


Why doesn’t my scarf look just like the one in the picture on your website?

All of our scarves are individually hand-dyed, creating unique variations in each piece. No two are the same—just like the women who wear them!

Please note that monitor resolution will impact color fidelity; please be sure to adjust your settings as needed to ensure that colors appear as intended.


Purchasing Questions


Why won’t my coupon code work?

When we have special sales, we usually use coupon codes. Please be sure to enter the code exactly as listed (usually in all capital letters, no spaces between letters and numbers) at checkout and click “update” to see the discount applied to your order.


Why is my credit card information being rejected?

Our online sale system is configured to provide you with maximum protection against fraudulent transactions. In order to complete a transaction, you will need to provide your complete and current billing information with your credit card—including name on the card, the street address, city, state and zip code. 

The system will not complete transactions with billing address discrepancies. If you have entered anything in error, you can always make another purchase—just be sure to clear out your browser cache first. Incorrect information may “stick” in your cookies on your browser, preventing another transaction.

Please note that we only accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover at this time.


Why can’t I get the same discount that you offered on national television?

We always have special promotions for our regular customers all year long; sometimes, we do special, nationwide flash sales. 

Due to strict pricing regulations from individual flash sale sponsors, we are unable to offer the exact same price—but we always come as close as possible!



Returns and exchanges

Can I return a scarf if there’s something wrong with it?

While we generally do not offer returns for nationwide flash sales, we will always offer an exchange if an item is damaged. Damages include pulls, tears, dramatic variations in color fidelity, discoloration or severe damage to tassel fringe. For jewelry, damages include broken clasps, missing beads and other issues which render the item unwearable.

Please email us at if you receive any item which you believe is damaged and we will gladly exchange it for you.


What if I don’t like the color after all?

For nationwide flash sales, we can only offer exchanges for damaged items. For our own sales, you can always request an exchange or a refund. 


How do I return a damaged item?

Our warehouse will send you a pre-paid return receipt along with your new item. You can use the return receipt to send the damaged item back to our warehouse. 

You may reuse the packaging from your initial order; simply affix the new label to the front, tape up the mailing envelope and return it to us by US Mail.



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