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"Train Simulator Add-ons, Downloads, and Freeware Models"

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GP38-2 Soo Line Train Simulator Add-On Package

• Grab Your Train Simulator Add-Ons

3D-Perfection continues to grow as an industry leader in Microsoft® Train Simulator Add-Ons.

We are always digging deeper into the Train Simulator architecture to see what other developments can take place to create a more realistic Train Sim experience for you. Follow the link bellow to have a look at the 3d models we offer.

Train Simulator Add-On Products

C&NW SD38 msts Locomotives

• Our Train Simulator Downloads

3D-Perfection Models strives to bring you high quality 3D models, with low, low polygon counts. This brings you super looking models for MSTS, and gives you great frame rates that won't rob you of your Train Simulation experience.

• The Benefits of LOD's

We incorporate the LOD model (Level Of Detail) into all of our models. This significantly increases frame rates in MSTS, which gives you a more enjoyable, and smoother operating simulation experience.

Train Simulator Download Freeware

train-sim 3D-Sounds Package Addon

• Quickly, and Easily Add Incredible New Sounds to Your Train Simulator Rolling Stock

We were the first to introduce the 3D sounds add-on for Microsoft® Train Simulator rolling stock. Not long after the sim was released, we knew we had to do something about the less then perfect rolling stock sounds in Train Simulator

Trains are loud, noisy, earth shaking beasts, and we wanted to give you the ability to experience the sounds of real railroading in your train simulator, and bring back your childhood memories of railroading

Coupled with high quality recording equipment, and time consuming EQ optimization, the 3D-Sounds Package will shake the monitor off your desktop, and rattle the fillings out of your teeth with a quality surround sound system. Ah... yes... Sim-rail-fanning the way it's suppose to be.

Train Simulator Sounds Addon Pack

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